3D уроки 11_608

Опубликовано: Ноябрь 23, 2010


Продвинутое текстурирование.

«Over the years I’ve learned and developed my own solutions and methods for complex texturing. The blood knight is the second of several characters I’m making and since he’s the one who experiences the battle up close and personal more than the others, I’ve decided that with him I will try to push my methods to add many details such as dirt, scratches, stains, blood, decorations etc’ much further than before in a method I like to call «multi-channel texturing». My main focus on this character was the texturing / shading and in this tutorial I will share the process, considerations and a few other tips.» Читать полностью

Оригинальное название: Advanced Multi-Channel Texturing

Автор: Ziv Qual, Israel

Язык: английский

Тип урока: текстовый

Источник: cgarena.com

Потрясающая работа, на основе которой автор сделал не менее интересный и увлекательный урок по сложному текстурированию 3d моделей.

Tags: 3d, текстурирование

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